How to use Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack?

During normal gameplay, players have limited options on how to advance to the next levels and, purchase or unlock new cars, earn customizations or get coins and gems. Else, the player needs to use real currency to fast track advancement through the levels and also unlock various features. Unfortunately, not all players can afford to make purchases using real currency.

Advantages of Hill Climb Racing 2 hack

• Ability to generate unlimited gems and coins that users can use to fast track their game progress and also purchase various upgrades and customization without using real currency.
• HCR 2 hack has online version that supports multiplayer gaming, enabling the player to have full access to game’s features.
• It has user friendly interface that is easy to use especially for the Hill Climb Racing 2 online hack. The user only needs to type gamer ID or email, coins and gems amount he wants to generate.
• Our Hill Climb Racing 2 generator ensures you are connected to a proxy to allow the cheat to go undetected. It guarantees player safety thus players do not have to worry about being banned.

It is important to note that this HCR 2 tool is created mainly for educational and test purposes only. The service providers do not condone cheating or hacking thus users should use this tool at their own discretion.

Thus with this free Hill Climb Racing 2 hack, players get to face new game challenges in unique settings with various cars of their choice. They also get the opportunity to play with other players from across the globe using the multiplayer. For who would like to take a break from the adrenaline filled races, to just conquer hills, the initial distance based mode play is still available.

About Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a game where the players get to race uphill on wildly unstable vehicles over bridges, hills and other obstacles in a bid to win the race or travel large distances.

The game is a sequel to its predecessor Hill Climb Racing - a very entertaining and addictive physics based driving game that involved, an endless car driving on a tough terrain with the aim being to avoid crashing.

Developed by Fingersoft a Finland-based game developer, the original version came out in 2012, and enjoyed a massive audience with a record of over half a billion downloads. Its popularity has spurred the developer to release its sequel named 'Hill Climb Racing 2' that has seen over 40 million downloads in less than two months of being in the market.

New Gameplay

It is available in both iOS and Android platforms for free. The new game has not only seen changes in terms of graphics but also in terms of game play. This version marks a change from being a relentless driving game to enter into the racing genre. The races are now much shorter, however, just like its predecessor; the terrain is testy and treacherous making the gameplay quite difficult but much more fun. The races are really close mainly because they are shorter and the physics of the game is super floaty thus handling of the cars can be quite a challenge in the beginning.

HCR 2 Multiplayer

On the new game Newton Bill is back ready to face the challenge of the multi-player madness. Due to huge demand from the public, the developers have added an asynchronous online multiplayer mode in this version. Moreover, the version has introduced and 30 unique stages, where player can compete in up to 16 different challenging cups to go up the ranks, pit against enthusiastic players from all over the world in races and also unlock new levels.

The multiplayer game is where the most of the action lies, however, the players are required to be connected to the internet to play various modes. For the players who do not have a reliable connection to the internet; they can opt to play offline in the adventure mode. Users can take the advantage of the this mode to improve their skills and access more gems or gold coins, which they can use to redesign and upgrade their cars or even purchase a car with superior performance to have an added advantage over their rivals. Moreover players can speed up their game progress by making in-app purchases using real cash starting from $1 and can go up to $15 per pack or simply using HCR 2 generator, which is free.

Other Features

The online multiplayer is the greatest change that has come with the new update. However, the update further introduces new driver outfits, a gigantic badass Super Diesel Truck and four new cups. The four new themed race cups include the Winter Cup’, the Tunnels Cup’, the It’s Mine Cup’, and the More Mines Cup’.

Players should also keep vigil for chest openings and free upgrades. In the vehicle upgrade menu, the players get the chance to upgrade the upgradeable parts for free. Users are offered the chance to view a particular video in order to earn a free upgrade instead of paying for the upgrades. This is one of the company’s ways of earning revenue though advertisements. Moreover, having multiple vehicles unlocked is a great advantage because, every vehicle has at least one “free” upgrade thus you can get to choose the one you would love to upgrade.

Most of the gems players use to trade comes from opening chests or using Hill Climb Racing 2 generator. In the original game, players used to earn tones of points during gameplay for reaching certain distances or doing tricks. However, in the recent version, players don’t get much points during game play. The only way, besides using HCR 2 hack to get cash for upgrades, to earn customizations, gems and at least a few thousand coins is by opening chests.